Here on this blog, we aim to cover various topics on social media and networking, suitable for a range of people from first time learners to industry professionals. Our topics cover subjects discussed in our course, as well as other relevant content.

Our posts highlight a range of topics starting from
(1) what social media analytics and networking is,
(2) where it is applied in businesses and society,
(3) ethics of social media
(4) how to utilise social media analytics tools.. and much more!

In addition to providing you with the relevant knowledge, we showcase relevant cases in the media and real-life to provide you with a richer understanding of the topic. We feature news stories and even exclusive industry insights into the world of social media analytics via interviews with experts.

Our aim is to deliver the most up to date and relevant social media analytics knowledge. Each piece of content is stringed together  within posts to indicate which other topics you can continue reading to build your social media analytics knowledge. Please check out our range of topics in our topics overview, and let us know which is your favourite in our homepage poll!