Major key drivers of social media analytics and their benefits stem from the rising adoption rate of social tools in both society and organisations.

Highlights of 2015 Social Media Revolution:

  • More people own mobiles than toothbrushes
  • Every second there are 2 new LinkedIn members
  • Seniors are fastest growing demographic on Twitter
  • 90% buyers trust peer recommendations
  • Real time marketing on social media are becoming a staple for savvy brands
  • By 2018, video will account for 2/3 of an individual’s mobile data usage

From the numbers above, it is apparent that social media has latched itself into all of our daily tasks, whether it’s Snapchatting your selfies, Instagramming your lunch, checking LinkedIn for industry updates or Facebook for friend updates. This is apparent not only in millenials but across all different ages. All this has been enabled by the widespread of powerful mobile devices, as well as the improved price and performance of 4G and 3G, enabling customers worldwide to stay connected anywhere, at any time.